The 8th June saw MPA and XYZ events bring together over 80 digital and creative professionals to HOME’s beautiful terrace events space to discuss collaboration in Manchester. Is it happening? What can we do to promote it? What are the pros and cons?

Chris Reay, Spinningfields Estate Director commented: ‘It was clear from last night that there is a huge number of talented and influential people passionate about making collaborating in Manchester an everyday reality. Much was spoken about a glue to hold creative and digital industries together and make working together both easy and beneficial. We will practice what we preach and make sure the XYZ Building plays its part in forming that glue.’

For those of you wanting further details about XYZ, these can be found here:  

Cindy Simmons, MD of MPA added:

‘Thanks to all who attended the event last night our collaboration with XYZ (Allied London) brought out a true insight I believe into where we need to go next.

As a not for profit membership organisation for the CDM sector –  I believe it is our role along with other networks to pull an agenda together – if you would like to be a part of this then please contact me directly.  We need something positive to come out of last night and as you can tell from my ‘fiery/Celtic’ personality I am totally committed and passionate about the sector having worked in the industry for a long time!

In any event we now have a forum of interested people and we will keep you updated as things unfold.

Thanks for the support if you want to know about the MPA follow this link here:

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