At the heart of Leftbank, along the bank of the River Irwell sits ‘The Kitchens’, a collaborative foodie concept made up of innovative, independent street-food traders.

Some of the best of Manchester’s up-and-coming foodies, previously used to trading at markets or from their own kitchens have worked with industry experts to create their first bricks and mortar presence on the Spinningfields estate.

The Kitchens has been largely funded by Allied London as part of a continual push to encourage independent and regional food and drink on to Spinningfields, but the operators have built their own brands and developed their own menus, which is what makes The Kitchens so special.

It’s hard to fully appreciate the passion the guys down here have without visiting The Kitchens for yourself. From locally sourced steak to deliciously deep-fried halloumi, The Kitchens is a great place to go if you want to eat something different and delicious. The traders we work with are dedicated to coming up with unique and interesting flavours made with local, quality ingredients.

The Kitchens is a terrific stepping stone for smaller operators to develop their offering, and working alongside fellow street food traders has been a great melting pot for everyone to share knowledge and grow.

Michael Ingall, Allied London’s Chief Executive, said: “The Kitchens is a truly collaborative environment and a new concept to the city featuring communal indoor and outdoor seating areas. Spinningfields is entering into a new generation of development, with its food and drink offering fast becoming globally recognised. The Kitchens forms the backbone of our new neighbourhood Leftbank, encapsulating its dynamic and forward thinking aspirations and I believe that Spinningfields is a better place for having a dedicated area for up-and-coming food and drink.”

Traders include Bangers and Bacon, Hop Hop Chip Shop, Chat Caart, Well Hung, Dim Sum Su and NasiLemak.

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