One thing you can’t knock Manchester for is a lack of ambition. The famous Mancunian swagger has never been more evident than its growing creative and digital scene. 
With a cumulative £500m of digital and creative infrastructure investment in Manchester, a proven start-up ecosystem and a pledge for Manchester to become “the UK’s number one city for digital”, Manchester certainly talks a good game. There is even a direct flight to San Francisco to boast of now.

XYZ Events and MPA are hosting a panel debate and “live brief” on the 8th June to discuss and solve ‘Manchester’s Digital & Creative Collaboration Conundrum’. Digital and creative business leaders in the city including Christian James from the If agency, Sam Booth from Creative Pro Manchester and Katie Peate, Head of Digital, Creative and Technology at Manchester City Council will sit on a panel to debate the thorny issue of “collaboration” in Manchester’s digital and creative communities. A graphic conference artist will record the results of the debate live through a visualisation piece.

Daniel Nolan, MD of the Eword and Chair of the MPA will chair the debate, “No-one is doubting that the passion is here in Manchester, but are we working together to achieve this? Like, really together? Collaboration in its truest sense? There are lots of people doing a lot of good work, but the work is happening in silos so I’m looking forward to thrashing this one out. We will end the evening with a joint manifesto on how we can all work together to realise Manchester’s bright future and full potential so it should have a happy ending!”

The event is one in a series of new business events from XYZ Events which are currently touring the four corners of the city ahead of the XYZ Building opening of its own dedicated event space in Spinngfields later this year.

Chris Reay, Estates Director of Spinngfields will be opening the event on behalf of the XYZ Building. “The abundance of creative and digital expertise, not to mention civic pride and passion here in Manchester is unrivalled, yet the city has so much further to go in realising its full potential, particularly in the creative and digital sector. Only by truly working together, will we create a more prosperous future. We have high hopes that the XYZ Building in Spinngfields will become the heart of this growing community in Manchester when it opens later this year.”

The live panel debate on Wednesday 8th June will be held at HOME, Tony Wilson Place in Manchester from 6pm. Early booking is recommended. To book your free place click here. 

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